Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is this effort different and unique?

The Community for Zero Hunger is linking diverse skill sets from all sectors to galvanize a response to the UN Zero Hunger Challenge within a 24-month time frame.  The output will support the work of multiple institutions, organizations and leaders each implementing pieces of the solution to hunger.

2. My organization is already responding to food and nutrition security challenges in a key region or country, how will the Community help us?

By providing a global and highly visible platform to share experiences and brainstorm approaches, the Community for Zero Hunger will support organizations already responding to nutrition security and draw in organizations with skills and resources that can add value to existing efforts.  By highlighting what works and responding to common needs, we seek to inspire ongoing collaboration that will strengthen the efforts of all involved.

3. What does participating in the Community mean for me/my organization?

Participation in the Community for Zero Hunger requires a willingness to share time, knowledge, skill sets and non-financial resources.  Participation could range from advising the process and helping us identify and prioritize common areas of need, to engaging in new and specific cross-sector collaboration.

4. How does this effort coordinate with Scaling Up Nutrition, Thousand Days and other recent initiatives that have been launched around the world?

Many leaders of major global food and nutrition security initiatives were part of the formation of the Community for Zero Hunger and have committed to be actively involved in this 24-month initiative. What we hear from them is that there is a need for additional actionable information to improve, activate and scale country-level efforts to ensure a food and nutrition secure future for all. The information generated from the Community for Zero Hunger will focus on the technologies, marketing approaches, products, educational services, and other resources that already exist within the Community that could be deployed or replicated to support country needs. In this way, the Community for Zero Hunger is coordinating with ongoing programs and calls to action to maximize our collective impact.

5. What happens after 24 months?

We will catalogue the specific knowledge, identified gaps and opportunities collected through the Community for Zero Hunger and create an online platform.  This open resource tool can be used by a variety of stakeholders not only to share information, but more importantly to connect dynamically with UN, NGO, private sector and/or other civil society partners who might have a solution or insight that can be transformational. The Community for Zero Hunger implementing team will facilitate the exchange of ideas between leaders and organizations, and track and report any collaboration that emerges as a result of the work of the Community for Zero Hunger.

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